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Avalon Children's Dentistry

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Families have been pleased with our child-friendly office philosophy, which helps make children’s dental care a welcomed part of a child’s life.

Dr. Healey is a board certified pediatric dentist who is a specialist in facial growth and development.

We treat all children from birth through age 18 and through college for existing patients.

Dr. Healey is a firm believer in taking his time with children and has even created a coloring book that explains to small children exactly how the first visit for cleaning will occur. This ensures there will be no surprises and helps them become more comfortable. He also encourages parents to be with their children for every visit.

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Dr. Healey also keeps up with the latest technology which includes zirconium white crowns for pediatric teeth, clear braces, and thermoplastic orthodontic movement (commonly known as Invisalign).

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From basic check-ups, cleanings, cosmetics, orthodontics, Avalon Children's Dentistry is there to help. With Avalon Children's Dentistry, don't ignore your health and achieve the perfect smile by calling to set up an appointment today.

The professional and pleasant office of Dr. Healey, welcomes all patients. Contact the office or reserve an online appointment today.

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