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What Sets Us Apart

Parent Accompaniment

Dr. Healey  strongly believes that parents should accompany their children during the dental exam! What child wouldn't love their parents with them during what could be a traumatic experience? 

Dr. Healey is one of the few pediatric dental offices serving Sandy Springs, Atlanta and surrounding areas, that encourages parents to be with their children. He uses this time to be interactive with you, teach you how your child will grow and develop through the years and how best to care for your child's teeth!

Appointment Scheduling

We value your time and in that practice, we do not overbook our schedule! Our patients are seen promptly upon arrival and our focus is on your child's dental health, growth and development.  Our personalized care will make you feel right at home! 

What we do when there is excessive treatment necessary

When there is an excessive amount of treatment required, we can sedate your child so the experience is not traumatic. Dr. Healey takes special care with your child to ensure safety and comfort. Click here to read more details about sedation options available if necessary. 

Gag proof x-rays!

As an adult you know how uncomfortable it can be when it's time for dental x-rays so you can imagine how your child would respond! Dr. Healey makes sure this will be a pleasant experience as All films are taken outside the mouth. The computer generated composite gives great detail with the lowest radiation and NO PROBES in your child's mouth! 


Dr. Healey literally is your "one stop shop" for your child's dental care as he is trained to provide full orthodontic care right here! Many parents appreciate not having one dentist for routine dental care and another for orthodontic care. What a time saver, not to mention the convenient Saturday hours that are available as well!

Regular check-ups

Our periodic dental cleanings and fluoride treatments are comparable to other pediatric dental offices.  It's not more expensive to have a "specialist" examine your child for the semi-annual visits.