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Personalized Care


    Personalized Pediatric Dental Care

    Our team approach is  very gentle and nurturing.  The emotional well being of your child is just as important as receiving the highest quality dental care. Dr. Healey and his staff will do everything possible to make sure your child feels special and comfortable and there are many perks to insure a successful visit such as:


    >THE OFFICE ENVIRONMENT: Children are happy in spaces with bright colors with plenty of activities to take part in. Our office offers a warm environment that’s filled with beautiful stuffed animals, coloring books, brightly colored balloons for children to take home after each visit, toy baskets, butterflies, kites flying in the air, and other activities that will help calm and distract your child before his or her appointment. From our open bay glass window area, our magical horses from within the attached carousel gazebo bring many smiles to our friends every day! We even have a fireman’s pole for climbing – GREAT for after school!

    PARENTAL PRESENCE: After all, our philosophy is there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that mom or dad is there. Parents, while you are here with your child, we invite you to choose a complimentary, brightly colored travel mug and visit our refreshment center filled with yummy varieties of coffee and tea! Great for the morning and that much needed afternoon pick-me-up!


    APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: We appreciate your time! We are a solo practice which allows us precise scheduling of appointments and seating our patients on time. We do not overbook our patients to keep the doctor busy, therefore, our personalized care philosophy allows us to give quality time, care and the emotional nurturing our patients and families deserve.