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Newborn Moms

"Tongue-tie", medically known as ankloglossia, is a congenital condition in which the lingual (tongue) or labial (lip) frenulem is too tight which can cause significant difficulty nursing from the bottle and breastfeeding.  Mothers that have to deal with this difficult feeding challenge can become very frustrated and desperate to find a solution.

Common symptoms can include poor latch/inability to latch, poor weight gain, clicking during feeding, only to name a few.  Having a frenulum is not the problem as it is impairment that the tongue/lip presents creating problems for mom and baby!

As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Healey is trained in performing a very simple procedure to release these frenulums in the office with a topical anesthetic only with very little pain. This procedure is rendered with much sensitivity for our new moms and upon completion of the procedure, our downstairs playroom offers a cool, quiet, calm atmosphere with gentle lighting, lullaby music, a glider rocker and total privacy to nurse.  Our moms are always in disbelief as to how quickly their baby is nursing which also comes with enormous relief!

Please contact the office to discuss these procedures and fees with our staff!