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New Patients & First Visit

New patients are welcomed! If you are considering our office for your child’s dental and orthodontic care, please feel free to call our office with your questions or to schedule your first visit.Your first visit is an opportunity for all of us to become acquainted. Therefore, extra time is allotted to answer your questions and to become friends with your child. Establishing a positive and comfortable relationship is key to continuing successful care.

Morning time is reserved for first visits. Prior to your first visit you will receive a medical history and insurance forms, appointment card, map and coloring book (if your child would enjoy it.)

Most first visits include a thorough cleaning and radiographs, if indicated. However, your child’s medical history, past dental history, emotional comfort level, and chief concerns all influence the steps of a first visit. Please bring your completed forms with you at your first visit.

Our office hosts Carousel Parties!

Parents are welcomed in the treatment area. By joining us in the treatment area we are able to teach and reinforce those good home care habits that you are fostering in your child. From healthy eating habits and proper brushing and flossing, our staff positively builds on “the next step” to secure your child’s healthy smile. By participating in the visit everyone learns more, and most children, especially smaller children, appreciate the presence of a parent. If a parent is ever concerned that their child may “act out” if they are present, there are many places that a person can sit comfortably, still observing their child, without being in the child’s direct sight.