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In-Office Conscious Sedation

In-Office Conscious Sedation

During the initial consultation prior to treatment, Dr. Healey and his Treatment Coordinator will discuss all of the dental procedures being performed and will give you in depth information about the Versed sedation and guidelines to follow including pre-op instructions prior to the actual appointment. For detailed information on the Versed sedative, Go to the PATIENTS tab, Links, CenterWatch.

Our Treatment Coordinator will warmly greet you in the waiting room upon arrival for treatment. Approximately 30 minutes will be spent in “pre-op” which allows time for the Treatment Coordinator to discuss the flow of the appointment, answer questions, take the pre-operative vital signs, administer the medication, and then monitor your child.

When your child is ready, the Treatment Coordinator will escort the family and child into the treatment room and will stay with you through the entire procedure. Our Treatment Coordinator’s role is one of nurturing support and coaching, and will sit next to your child through the entire dental procedure.

At the completion of the procedures, the Treatment Coordinator will escort the family to a quiet, comfortable room for post-op recovery care. During this time period, your child will be given soft cookies and apple juice in order to increase the blood sugar levels in the blood stream. Dr. Healey will check on your child before leaving and reinforce any post operative instructions. Depending on the procedures performed, Dr. Healey will prescribe pain medication so that your child will remain comfortable through the healing period. He will also call you in the evening, just to check on the status and comfort level of your child. Yes! A “house-call”!

Before leaving the office, the Treatment Coordinator will put together a “goodie bag” filled with very special toys/jewelry for your child to enjoy at home while recovering.

We understand this is an emotional time for you and your child and we do everything we can to reduce the stress and anxiety of an extensive dental procedure.