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Happy Visits - Meet Freddie the Frog

Happy visits are designed to build trust and confidence in young children who are scheduled for restorative treatment. These visits are typically offered to children 10 and under who have never had a “filling” or for new patients whose previous dental experiences were sad or scary.

Modern dentistry has made receiving dental treatment very easy…. however, it’s hard to convince a nervous and scared child of that. Even if your child is confident, but has never had restorative treatment, the sounds of unfamiliar equipment and smell of materials can sometimes be intimidating and shake a child’s confidence. So, in steps “Freddie” can teach them. You’d trust a frog wouldn’t you? He’s really a prince in frog clothes.

At a separate visit from the child’s restorative visit, your child assists our Treatment Coordinator, Cathryn, in fixing one of Freddie’s teeth. Depending on what your child’s dental needs are, Freddie has the same need. What a coincidence!

Steps in treating one of Freddie’s teeth can include: Helping Freddie lay in the chair, picking Freddie’s favorite “balloon air” for his “elephant nose” (nitrous, laughing gas, for his nitrous mask), wearing gloves, holding the baby straw (saliva ejector) and the mommy straw (noisy high speed suction), washing water and blowing teeth dry (air/water syringe), chasing sugar bugs with a whistle (we don’t say “drill”!), painting with brushes, shining magic lights and fairy wands….. and much more!

Each “Goodson visit” is customized to match the child’s age and procedure they are scheduled for. At the end of the visit the child takes home a goodie bag filled with many happy reminders about their visit to help Freddie “fix” his tooth.