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Meet Dr. Healey

Michael Healey DDS

Dr. Michael Healey, D.D.S. grew up in the town of Watch Hill straddling the border of Rhode Island and Connecticut. He received his doctor of Dental Surgery from Case Western Reserve University. In 1972, President Nixon announced the all volunteer army and offered tuition, books, instruments and $400.00 a month, which this young student saw a fantastic opportunity.

“They allowed me to take a commission and complete the reserve commitment while I was still studying. Then I went in as a captain and spent 3 years doing dentistry. I completed my commitment and didn’t owe them anything,” he explains.

Dr. Healey completed his three year obligation in San Antonio and Killeen, Texas. Finally, through the GI Bill, he concluded a further three year pediatric dental residency at the University of Connecticut.

His concentration included Pediatric Orthodontics as part of Pediatric Dentistry with comprehensive training in oral/facial development of children and young adults. He felt that to be able to relate to each patient according to his or her needs, he should also focus on the emotional development of young adults and children.

Dr. Healey recently was awarded on October 8, 2014, Fellowship in The Academy of Dentistry Internationale.  He also holds Fellowships in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, The College of Diplomats, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, International College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy and Honorable Fellow in the Georgia Dental Association. He has memberships in such organizations as Foundation of Orthodontic Research, American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, and Hinman Dental Society. At Emory University Medical School, he serves as an instructor in pediatric facial development.

For five years Dr. Healey was the President of the Georgia Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and he strongly believes that continuing education is important as is participation in the dental community.

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