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Carousel Story

The Carousel Dentist

By Eise Vachon


Doctor of Dentistry

A Business & Lifestyle Magazine for Dentists

Who would think that the words “fun” and “dentist” would go together in the same sentence? Well, this particular dentist, Dr. Michael Healey, D.D.S., P.C., found a way to make the two blend by installing an antique carousel in his color-filled office.

Dr. Healey’s Pediatric Dental Practice, located in the Roswell/Dunwoody area of Atlanta, GA, specializes in the dental care of children and young adults up to the age of seventeen. The practice covers all aspects of dental care and prevention including orthodontics, infant dental care, sedation, hospital dental care, interceptive orthodontics, and aesthetic dentistry.

The Doc’s Approach

Because Dr. Healey was himself afraid of the dentist as a child, he does everything possible to counteract that fear in his young patients. To begin with, the atmosphere lends itself to good feelings with lots of bright colors on the walls, colorful dental chairs, open work areas with no doors and welcoming stuffed animals.

The light and cheerful work areas give patients a sense of safety and serenity. Rows of glass windows look out to the carousel that beckons kids of all ages with a promise of a Saturday morning party to ride the horses in the Spring and the Fall!

“As a matter of routine, I believe it is imperative to slowly gain a young person’s confidence and trust – working at the patient’s pace,” says Michael.

Each patient receives a careful diagnosis of his/her dental needs. The total evaluation takes into account the extent of treatment necessary, age, attitude, personality, outlook, past experiences, and behavior. The mission is to avoid creating long term trauma and poor dental care for a lifetime.

Dr. Healey is a proponent of the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. As natural development takes place, he believes problems can be avoided or corrected more easily, with regular diagnostics and treatment.  Early orthodontics often prevent such complications as under developed jaw bones, breathing and snoring problems, a bad bite and uneven tooth spacing.

“In order to be able to take the time to meet the emotional needs of the parents as well as the children, I keep the number of patients to a manageable level – 45 per day. We do not do ‘volume’ dentistry. This way we can afford the luxury of having the parents back with the kids,” says Dr. Healey.

Dr. Healey’s approach will be whatever is best for the patient – a mild sedative; laughing gas; local anesthetic; or in some cases of extreme anxiety, a visit to the local hospital. No matter the situation, each patient is handled with much input from the family.

Carousel Parties are scheduled  two  times a year and everyone is welcome.

"Our Next Carousel Party is Saturday, May 3, 2014!
This is a no-charge event which includes fresh popped corn from our popcorn machine, lemonade, face painting, and a photo of your child on a horse and tour of the office.
Come anytime between 10:00 a.m. and noon – and bring a friend! Rainy weather? What better way than to pass your time under a covered ride” !